What is Bustin' Sticks

Bust'in Sticks is Michigan's first and only competitive BASS fishing program filmed and aired for Michigan’s Bass angler.

Bust’in Sticks Michigan’s first and only competitive bass fishing program returns to Michigan public access television with a reenergized look and format. Feeding off our first season, season two takes a giant step forward in going state wide.

16 very competitive Michigan Bass anglers (sticks) will compete in a one on one bracket styled format tournament series, leading to one winner. Single elimination is the name of this game with the top stick having won 4 straight matches. Lakes are kept secret until 12 hours before the angler's fish at which time they will receive an email and text notifying them of the GPS coordinates of the lake they will compete on. The tournament will have a 4 hour time limit with a 5 fish limit, the winner advances the loser goes home.

Season II starts with two qualifying open events one on the Westside and one on the Eastside to determine our 16 competitors for Season II, 8 from each side of the state. These two events are to be hosted by West Michigan Bass.


What’s in it for you?

  1. Sponsor has naming rights to the their chosen match in the first round (name within reason)
  2. Logo and or name of company will appear on the “Livewell” count as sponsor
  3. Logo and or company name will be on jersey of angler that advanced from your first round sponsored match and will remain with that angler throughout competition or as far as angler advances
  4. Screen time minimum of 2 two matches & 2 episodes and a potential of 4 matches and 4 episodes
  5. Screen time including the Championship match for their region (potential)
  6. Screen time including the Championship match (potential)
  7. End credit roll with website address in all 12 episodes
  8. Verbal mention of company when applicable


Watch Episodes from Season One

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Shaun Ford VS Jeff Elliott